Zepp Antenna Design

The formula for figuring the matching stub is B 103 divided by the frequency in megahertz. According the ARRL Antenna Handbook by stretching the half wave dipole extension to.

Extended 6 Meter Double Zepp

Tant for this antenna are the design of the antenna tuner.

Zepp antenna design. It may be possible to find another length of wire somewhere between the two where the match and gain are optimised as the antenna would then be more like an offset fed vertical dipole. The W3EDP antenna is a development of the early Zeppelin or Zepp antennas that were used before the Second World War. The current antenna design is like an end fed Zepp but with a 14 wave element in place of the Zepps ½ wave element.

The so-called End fed Zepp EFZ is often cited as the basis for many more recent antenna designs and is leveraged to provide and explanation though few hams understand how the EFZ actually works. The Double Zepp Doublet antenna is a classical antenna in our series of HS4 Legendary Multiband Wire Antennas. End Fed Antenna Choices Recap End Fed Zepp uses ladder line for matching to coax End Fed Half Wave even harmonics requires special high impedance matching unit high voltage at feed point Non-resonant end fed is shorter uses simple matching low voltage feed point works many bands with shorter length.

Ive explained elsewhere how it is related to an end-fed Zepp a true Zepp as once trailed from Zeppelin airships. The CHA ZEPP antenna requires a wide range antenna tuner or coupler external antenna tuner. In the Zepp or J-pole antenna is actually 34 wave long with the counterpoise folded back alongside the radiating element.

Please read this operators manual so that you may maximize the. On 17 meters the NB6Zep Jr. Wa7ark 3 What is an End Fed Half Wave Antenna.

If you will be using this antenna for only 20 meters. It is a truly remarkable and versatile design. Standing waves and feedline lengths The impedance mismatch at the center-fed Zepps designated feedpoint the dipole center means that standing waves occur on the parallel wire.

One is an EFHWA for 20-40 meters and the other is a matching unit for the antenna by n0lx End-fed vertical j-pole and horizontal zepp vertical There are many incorrect ideas and claims surrounding end-fed vertical antennas like the I-Max 2000 end fed horizontal antennas Zepp and J-pole antennas. On 20 meters the antenna is a double zepp wire or a 1 wave dipole. Double Extended Zepp 12 Antenna Length.

Lets call it a EFHW Works on a similar principle to a Zepp and J-Pole 05 Wave-Length wire on lowest band 130ft on 80m 67ft on 40m Fed from one end using a transformer in a box. Undoubtedly W3EDP was aware of the much publicized Zeppelin antenna that was patented in 1909 by Hans Beggerow German patent 225204. The larger the wire the wider the bandwidth.

Deploying this tool free design antenna is made simple by a SilverGoldTeflon SO-239 coax connector on one end and a self locking High Voltage Insulator on the other. The Zepp short for Zeppelin is any resonant antenna end-fed by ladder line. Erful antenna modeling software.

This antenna wire is fed via a section of parallel-wire transmission line with 14 the length of the antenna wire ie 67 4 17 ft. Extended Double Zepp NVIS Antenna Calculator. On 15 meters and above multiple lobes are produced as shown in the diagram below.

The structure of the parallel-wire transmission line. 33-34 published in Practical Wire Antennas ISBN 0 90061287 8 by John D. A Double Zepp is a center-fed 12 wavelength antenna.

With the indicated dimensions the antenna works well on. When the antenna and counterpoise wires are arranged in parallel as in the Zepp it has a 67 ft long antenna wire 84 – 17 67 ft. Being an End Fed Zepp antenna no counterpoise nor grounding is necessary.

Antennas built by Chameleon AntennaTM are versatile dependable stealthy and built to last. Above is a diagram from. Heres an alternative explanation of how the popular Zepp or Zeppelin antenna works.

47 rows Design the antenna for the lowest operating frequency to enable operation on higher. It consisted of an 84 foot radiator and a 17 foot counterpoise The design has lasted through the years. Unlike typical antennas this is a non-resonant antenna.

While cut-and-try experimenta-tion is a very slow way to optimize antennas modeling is so quick that a wide range of so-lutions can be investigated easily. Today the W3EDP antenna is still widely used – it is ideal where a straightforward end fed wire is needed for HF multiband. The double extended Zepp is a dipole type Antenna consisting of two collinear 064 wave length elements fed in phase.

According to the ARRL Antenna handbook the ordinary Zepp or J-pole has a gain of around 3dB over a quarter wave ground plane antenna and when a second elementsection is added has around 3dB over a dipole. A Marconi antenna always requires a counterpoise of some form. Mounting flexibility allows many typical layouts such as vertical horizontal sloping or L.

A Hertz antenna is self-resonant operating independently of grounds or counterpoises. It covers 7 bands 10-12-15-17-20-40-80m. This article describes it.

A Double Extended Zepp is a 3 db gain antenna. Basically an extended double zepp is a center-fed dipole type antenna consisting of two collinear 064 wavelength 58 wavelength elements fed in phase. The Wire Size can range from 16 AWG to 12 AWG.

They obtained their name from the fact that end fed wires were required for use on Zeppelin airships. Has its greatest gain as a full size Extetended Double Zepp antenna. The antenna is constructed much like an ordinary Dipole antenna but with 58 Wavelength Elements.

And the patterns of far-field RF radiation. Early Zepp antennas were 12 WL. 12 This soft-ware allows you to design and optimize an antenna that exactly fits your situation and pocketbook.

Some gain and increased bi-directivity is achieved with this configuration. From an early textbook. The performance characteristics are quite outstanding.

The formula for figuring a 58 wave per leg is A 600 divided by the frequency in megahertz. The measurements below are for building a Extended Double Zepp Near Vertical Incident Skywave NVIS Antenna. Theoretically this type of antenna gives an approximate 3dB gain over a conventional horizontal dipole designed for the same frequency.

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