In addition we do not always add elements to a Yagi beam to obtain gain. As shown in the 70-cm […]

Hence optimized design 2 of Yagi-Uda antenna can be used in cellular system 5. I am a freelance backpack designer […]

The DL6WU design has all the necessary features to guarantee a successful construction. To place an order please go to […]

The DL6WU yagi is highly regarded as being easy to build with repeatable results broad bandwidth and a useful pattern. […]

Finally I made arrangements with Fred AB1OC to do some testing later that afternoon. 10 10 element 144 MHz Plus […]

This page describes the antenna I realised toghether with some friends for ATV transmission in the 23cm band. Used for […]

Although the Yagi has become particularly popular for television. Department of CommerceNational Bureau of Standards December 1976. Pin On Ham […]