Basic Antenna Theory Ryszard Struzak Note. The printed monopole antenna can be viewed as a special case of microstrip antenna […]

However this antenna must be placed on to a large conductive surface to function properly. There are variations to monopole […]

They are easy to design. In this paper we present a new design of printed circuit board PCB monopole antenna […]

New configurations are proposed such as elliptical with different ellipticity ratios. A printed planar monopole antenna configuration has been examined […]

13 Antenna Toolbox Full Wave EM solver Interaction between antenna elements Estimate the effects of EM coupling on the pattern […]

13 2014 388391. The microstrip antenna is the better choice for these requirements. Crazepony Foxeer Fpv Antenna Rp Sma Pagoda […]

Monopole Antenna Simulation In Hfss Author. Monopole 2D and 3D and Microstrip Patch Antennas by using Ansoft HFSS without experience […]