All you have to do is run the program and input your design frequency in the white window top left. […]

1405MHz Antenna Current Distribution and 3D Far Field Radiation plots. Dipoles are one of the simplest antennas to build or […]

The same measurement shown as SWR. Almost at that time the most well-known UWB antenna was the coaxial horn proposed […]

Figure 71 illustrates operation of a basic half-wave resonant dipole antenna. Using thin wire approximations. Figure 10 From Crossed Dipole […]

No the antenna is still approximately the same length as a regular. Folded Dipole Sections 95 96 of Antenna Theory […]

This design is based on calculations from a program created by Walter Lau KK1CW and is available with his permission […]

High current low voltage at center. Losses will ruin its radiation efficiency. Dual Band Half Wave Flower Pot Antenna Ham […]

Strong polymer plate for center insulator and strain relief when constructing large or multiband dipoles. This is UV protected marine […]