Extended Double Zepp Antenna Design

Tennaor as it is often called the center-fed Zepp Note 1. 50 ohms and a lot of reactance or no reactance but no where near 50 ohms.

The Edz

Formula for figuring a 58 wave per leg is A 600 divided by frequency in megahertz.

Extended double zepp antenna design. Along with the EDZ the bi-square and W8JK designs are reviewed and the alignment of currents will be related to the resulting patterns. About 475 dBI Gain. A very simple but very good omnidirectional vertical antenna for VHF FM.

A Double Zepp is a center-fed 12 wavelength antenna. The performance characteristics are quite outstanding. To around 55 ohms purely resistive.

That is I can have. At 2 meter frequencies a vertical extended double zepp antenna is a realizable project using locally available materials. The Internet is full of speculation from some seemingly reputable folks.

If you will be using this antenna for only 20 meters. Schematic layout of the center-fed Zepp. This antenna is basically two 58 wave antennas end to end.

This is Fig 1Azimuth pattern of classic double extended Zepp solid line at 715 MHz compared with standard dipole dashed line both 80 feet high over average ground. In this context we also tend to call any end-fed antenna a Zepp although there is a center-fed extended double Zepp and to refer to any off-center-fed antenna as a Windom although the original Windom had only a single feed wire. The measurements below are for building a Extended Double Zepp Near Vertical Incident Skywave NVIS Antenna.

Unlike typical antennas this is a non-resonant antenna. Student Preparation and Materials Required. 43 rows A Double Extended Zepp is a 3 db gain antenna.

Tuner adjustments are monitored in an SWR bridge or directional watt-meter not shown. The wire runs along the 270 to 90 axis on the graph. 47 rows Design the antenna for the lowest operating frequency to enable operation on higher bands.

I was looking for more directionality on the 10 meter band so I created an Extended Double Zepp EDZ antenna The object of this antenna. This double extended version provides 3 db gain over a dipole on the band it is designed for and each side or leg is about 58 wavelength long. 66 feet horizontal 5 feet vertical Transmission Line.

Section length will provide the desired result. Half of this antenna is 58 wave and is a common length for 2m mobile antennas. A Double Extended Zepp is a 3 db gain antenna.

Notice that the radiation resistance impedance is about 90 ohms. The double extended Zepp is a dipole type Antenna consisting of two collinear 064 wave length elements fed in phase. I could hear locals up to about 100km150Km.

This is significant enough to try it. It may give your tuner a workout. Is the end to close to the ground the pattern has a higher radiation angle.

Extended Double Zepp BAND LENGTH OF ANTENNA 14 copper wire LENGTH OF MATCHING SECTION 450 LINE VF 09 160 183 MHz 677 ft 7 in 83 ft 7 in 80 38 MHz 326 ft 4 in 40 ft 3 in 40 71 MHz 174 ft 8 in 21 ft 7 in 30 122 ft 6 in 15 ft 1 in 20 87 ft 6 in 10 ft 10 in 17 68 ft 6 in 8 ft 6 in 15 58 ft 5 in 7 ft 2 in 12 49 ft 8. As a bonus the antenna also works on the 6 meter Amateur Radio Band. Extended Double Zepp with Formula and 8040 numbers Extended Double Zepp EHRANTENNAS 1 of 1 na 10 99 08 06 Extended Double Zepp with Formula and 80-20M numbers 064 l064 Feedpoint 140 ohms Open Wire Line Total Length BOTH ELE 984f x 128 MHz 160M.

Extended Double Zepp designs. The overall layout of the center-fed Zepp is shown in. One of these was the one for the CW station.

Extended Double Zepp NVIS Antenna Calculator. Do not use metal support poles for the antenna I have used bamboo for example. Basically the Extended Double Zepp Antenna is a pair of 58 wave elements.

Conventional low-cost wire antenna construction see below for details. It covers 7 bands 10-12-15-17-20-40-80m. Basically an extended double zepp is a center-fed dipole type antenna consisting of two collinear 064 wavelength 58 wavelength elements fed in phase.

To design a feedline system so that on each band we end up with just about the same impedance at the shack. The double extended two 58 wave elements zepp is one of my all time favorite wire multi band antennas. The Double Zepp Doublet antenna is a classical antenna in our series of HS4 Legendary Multiband Wire Antennas.

The vertical Double-Zepp 2×7 m is a very simple effective 8-Band-antenna. The end of the Dipol must be 5-10 m above the ground. I just picked up two of this exact antenna from open wire guru W7FG earlier this week This antenna has gain over a standard 12 wave dipole.

This is significant enough to try it. The student will construct an extended double Zepp for 12-meters. This 20 Meter Extended Double Zepp EDZ antenna should produce a 3-dB over the average half-wave dipole.

If one should feel it necessary a 11 Balun would do the job. The main pattern is broadside to the wire and much narrower than a dipole. A modified 20 meter Extended Double Zep Operating Bands.

The 40M Extended Double Zepp By Jim Streible K4DLI There were many new and somewhat unfamiliar antennas used at this years NFARL Field Day. Theoretically this type of antenna gives an approximate 3dB gain over a conventional horizontal dipole designed for the same frequency. Read the article An extended double Zepp Antenna for 12 Meters in Chapter 10page.

The formula for figuring a 58 wave. Line 52 degrees long to match the midpoint of the antenna to 50 ohm coax. An automatic tuner should tune this antenna with no problem.

An automatic tuner should tune this antenna with no problem. This is called an Extended Double Zepp antenna and produces the maximum gain possible from a simple center-fed dipole. If one should feel it necessary a 11 Balun would do the job.

40 thru 10 meters with tuner Dimensions. Peter shows us how the antenna is made and explains what results we can achieve. It can be fed with ladder line from the center insulator to tuner or it can use an impedance.

T his 20 Meter Extended Double Zepp EDZ antenna should produce a 3-dB over the average half-wave dipole. T 354 ft 10 in 3550 MHz. This antenna can be matched to 50 ohms by using a series inductor.

The antenna is constructed much like an ordinary Dipole antenna but with 58 Wavelength Elements. Lets start with the calculations for making an EDZ. Ally been used with an antenna tuner.

First test on FM gave reports from 70Km using 50W. Basically the Extended Double Zepp Antenna is a pair of 58 wave elements. The Wire Size can range from 16 AWG to 12 AWG.

Purportedly the 3 db gain more directional and to bypass a tuner. The larger the wire the wider the bandwidth. Patterns are shown at 26 elevation where the gain is maximum.

Double zepp for 27 MHz Henry 19DX348 PG0DX Im using the mast as a reflector to illuminate local QRM. T 680 ft 10 in 1850 MHz 80M. My antenna had the feeding point in 13 m above the ground the diagrams are for this mounting.

Impedance is complex and not a design consideration ie. Open Ladder or TV Twin Lead Materials. The Extended Double Zep is a single band antenna and not designed for multiband operation.

The feedline must be affixed to the antenna more se-curely than the drawing shows. And have hit a little snag. There are two smaller lobes on each side at 45deg.

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