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This is a true 12 wavelength performance at both VHF and UHF and with low SWR and was featured article in Feb 2003 issue of QST. J-pole design is very susceptible for common mode current on the outside of the coax its inherent in the design.

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It has been granted US patent 8947313.

Ed fong antenna design. These antennas are about 30. Review of the Literature J. It is available in HAM 144-148 MHz and 440-450 MHz or Commercial 152-157 MHz and 460-470 MHz.

This is a unique design which met the requirements of AC Daughty Inc. Whats interesting is that Ed Fong WB6IQN is a university professor and has sold 16000 of these antennas over the past ten years and the profits go to help his student group. Maximum power input 75 watts.

Shop Now 201 660-5051. If you have a problem he will make it right. Categories You guys are very thoughtful.

Ed is a really nice guy and cares about his customers. The 6 antenna is encased in 34 Class 200 PVC. Needing an antenna to hold me over until I got something more permanent and higher-performing I bought the Ed Fong antenna.

If you cant see the video please insert this title URL into your. Two U-Clamps at the base and it was ready to go. Makes a quick and easy deployment for a Field Day event support or camp operation.

Satisfied Customer NY. It will also work at UHF Very poor performance because of phase cancellation Typically 6-8 dB of loss at 3rd harmonic Goal is to design a dual band J-pole but without the loss New design must be simple reproducible no radials due to wind load. But put it together right and its hard not to and Eds antenna packs a.

30 homemade antenna mast for ham radio. The DBJ-UHF antenna was first presented at Pacificon 2010. Dont expect the performance youd get from a 100 vertical or a 200 yagi.

Theres lots of ham antenna applications where velocity factor of the line doesnt really matter a multi-band Jpole antenna based on the Ed Fong design is not one of them. Contact us 201 660-5051. Simple Ham Radio Antennas.

Some of the features include 5dB gain only 3 12 ft tall no. They can take a beating without breaking. Ed Fong GMRS J-pole Antenna One of the best and most affordable antennas for GMRS base station operation is the Ed Fong J-pole.

These antennas are about 30. A Hawaii-based Amateur Radio Antenna Blog focusing on the theory design and use of homemade antennas. Showing what the antenna looks like and what kind of pipe to use.

DBJ-2 Ed Fong 12142013 5 of 24 It will also resonate at odd harmonics Ah ha. Harris – Stack tri band J-pole QST 1980. The Original Ed Fong Dual Band VHFUHF 70cm2m J-pole antenna.

Ed Fong has done it again with his recently patented TBJ-1. Radios ham radio antenna wifi antenna morse code words all band diy electronics communication coding technology. If a small city wishes to build a dozen of.

Clamshell design held together with two zip ties and a couple wraps of electrical tape. J-Pole antennas for the 2m and 70 cm VHFUHF Amateur Radio bands come in many sizes ranging from commercial models based on public service designs to homebrewed configurations using coaxial cable 450 ohm ladder line or even TV twin lead. Ed Fong WB6IQN designed this 2meter440 dualband J-pole antenna made of 300 ohm twin-lead that fits inside this thin-walled PVC pipe.

Omni Directional Triband Antenna Edison Fong August 25 2015. Antenna and what one gets is a VHFUHF base station antenna with ½ wave vertical performance on both VHF and UHF bands. Join the thousands who are happy Ed.

When you add suitable choke and do a lot of research if you a newbie add PVC and mounting hardware your total cost is about 80. So one antenna works for all bands. It is very quick to assemble with some simple tools.

Amateur Radio Antennas–Theory and Practice Amateur Radio Antennas–Theory and Practice. Fong US Patent 8947313 Radial Free ollinear Omni Directional Antenna with Gain February 3 2015 6. Ed does it again The creator of the infamous DBJ-1 and DBJ-2 Dr.

An article on this antenna was subsequently published in CQ – Summer 2012. For GMRS forget Fongs antenna and buy yourself a nice Browning BR-6140. This is an Antenna Mount I sketched and printed to hold an Ed Fong DBJ-220 antenna centered above an Ettore REA-C-H Extension Pole.

5 feet 50 ohm. DBJ-1 Published in – QST February 2003Our most popular antenna is the DBJ-1 which is a VHFUHF Dual Band Base Station Antenna. Velocity factor for transmission lines can vary substantially and you really need to measure it to build things like quarter wave matching sections and VHFUHF traps.

Here are the basic specsOverall Length. GPRS MURS prepper 440 2m 70cm Ham Amateur Commercial tuned antenna. I leave at 25 run.

Eds Antennas have exterior vertical antennas for dual VHFUHF and the 220 ham bands. Its now in my backpack as I picked up a 2m mag loop technically a folded dipole I think but it works as well as the Ed Fong J-Pole inside the house and the loop actually looks kind of cool instead of – the please hide those wires remarks for the J-Pole – I ALSO have about a 70foot random wire antenna coming from. Diy Pvc Portable Antenna Mast With Ed Fong Dbj 2 Roll Up Antenna Km6zpo.

NOTE I have not tested the performance of the antenna yet. Problems are unklely however due to the simplicty of the product and good QC. A true Tri-Band vertical with No Radials.

I have an Ed Fong and was using it indoors actually for nearly a year. Construction testing and use of VHFUHF Collinear Antennas from Ed Fong WB6IQN. KB Cubed Online Shop.

For your radio communications needs. Mariotti Heavy Duty Multi- and Vertical Antenna CQ October 2015 pp. Diy Ham Radio Antenna.

This is intended for a grab-and-go kit. Assembly Tuning The TBJ-1 is shipped fully assembled and ready to install. Can the popular DBJ-1 dual band base antenna be adapted to also work at 220 MHz with minimal changes and no degradation of performance at 2 meters and 70cm.

Based off of a design Dr. It was based on a grant given to us by AC Daughty Inc in 2010. Fong created for the Ham Radio world with his DBJ-1 dual band J-pole this antenna is measured and tuned for the GMRS band around 462-467MHz.

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