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By reviewing the scans shown below you can see what were referring to. A Windom type off centre fed dipole fed 38 along its length provides around a 200Ω feed.

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However when using it with an End-Fed antenna it is wired as a so-called unun transformer unbalanced to unbalanced.

Balun designs end fed. A friend is running his end fed with a Balun Designs 5KW 91 Model 9135 using the same configuration wire gauge counterpoise etc I use. Posted on February 11 2015 Updated on February 11 2015. End-fed half-wave antennas EFHWs are a half-wavelength long.

Built with the same craftsmanship as all our other units this new model provides excellent flexibility and portability for events such as Field Day POTA. This means that the end fed wire antenna which has a very high impedance of around 2500 Ohm is transformed to an impedance of 50 Ohm. The most common half-wave antenna is the center-fed dipole whose impedance is approximately 72 ohms.

To make the best use of an End-Fed antenna it should be fed with a transformer. Strip off about 14 of insulation and then Crimp and then solder one of the crimp terminals on the free end. A centre feed gives around 70Ω.

A dipole can be fed anywhere along its length. By design ununs are wound is such a manner that they provide little or no RF choking. I have used an end fed antenna on HF for years fed with 50 ohm coax to the ATU.

This will connect to the RED terminal output of your Balun. Notice how the level of choking impedance ramps up very quickly developing 3100 ohms on 160m and continues at even higher levels across the full HF. After giving some thought to my antenna systems and the installation of an earth spike I wondered about adding a balun to the longwire.

For those that enjoy the LNR and Hy Endfed antennas but want to run more power Balun Designs now offers an excellent alternative. End Fed antenna applications. Balun core dissipation would only be 12 watt in each core with 200 watts delivered to the 200-ohm load.

Built with the same craftsmanship as all our other units this new model will allow you to either replace your current matching unit or construct a new higher power end fed half wave antenna. It is sometimes used on its 3rd harmonic with coax or used multiband as a doublet. Before I get into the nitty-gritty details let me first make a distinction between end-fed half-wave antennas such as the ones sold by LNR Precision and end-fed wires that use some kind of tuning to achieve a 50 Ω output impedance.

Balun Designs in collaboration with Fair Rite products has developed what we consider to be the best single core 11 feedline isolation balun available today. Featured Items Newest Items Best Selling A to Z Z to A By Review Price. Model 49130 – 491 – 80-10m EFHW – 200 watts.

For the past couple of weeks Ive been playing with end-fed wire antennas. How to Feed an End Fed Wire. The Balun or in this case the Unun The end fed wire regardless of its length presents a high.

Installation of the 91 balununun. The Balun Designs 91 absolutely blows away the Uax matching unit. The feed impedance at the very end of a half wave is thousands of ohms usually somewhere between 2000Ω to 5000Ω which we need to match to our 50Ω transceiver.

I sent it back and received a prompt refund. We see the model agrees with theory. It works but not ideal.

I was trying to get a good 160M antenna working on my property. Think the end fed wire has gotten a bad rap because they are usually not properly installed with the necessary unun and choke. Auto Transformer for End Fed Half Waves Sort By.

To a good EARTH ground. 100 Watt with solid tensile stools. The antenna is very easy to install because there is no need of a high feed point like a dipole antenna.

One or more copper rods or pipes driven at least 4 feet into the earth. Myantennas is now selling a 2kw version that seems t. 91 Balun for end fed longwire antenna.

At the end that will connect to the Balun pass approximately 1-12 foot through holes at one end of an insulator and tie with a couple throws of a knot. Most of our units are derived from the researched and tested designs of Dr. Balun Designsis now offering a low power alternative for those who want to use an End Fed Half Wave for portable or temporary installations.

This one overheated with 500 watts during a CW QSO. Complete 149 Impedance Transformer DIY kit for End Fed antennas. Lower SWR across the bands no saturation and the core stays stable.

With this in mind I purchased 91 UN UN from Balun Designs and ran another end-fed this time with a wire length of 52 12 feet again from the palm tree but to a different corner of the house then a 100 feet of RG-8X from the UN UN to my shack. Near the dwelling entry point 2 or 3 is better being spaced about 4 feet apart. Turns out my experiment somewhat failed on the intended band however the 80 60 40 and 20.

Although not necessary a 11 isolationchoke balun models 1110 1113 1115 etc at the transmitter end of feedline will stop RF from entering your equipment and reduce receiver noise caused by common mode currents. The End-Fed is connected to one terminal of the high winding and the other terminal is connected. Balun designers and published in some balun handbooks and white papers.

A dipole is basically a mono-band antenna. Instruction impedance transformer for 100 watt End Fed Antennas. The End Fed antenna is very popular especially for field work.

Frequency – there at the design frequency the terminal impedance is quite predictable. The feeding point of a multiband End Fed antenna is practically a wide band impedance transformer. Used with voltage fed antennas end fed half wave long wire etc Currents are whatever is needed to generate equal output voltages Requires magnetic coupling for Differential Mode signals Ferrite and powder iron materials commonly used Core can be toroid rod binocular style Hams started using the voltage Balun in the mid 60s.

Jerry Sevick and are hand wound with best available components to provide highest possible efficiency. Here are some photos of one of my 91 baluns. There is no comparison.

Established in 2005 Balun Designs builds exceptional quality baluns and ununs for Amateur Radio military and commercial applications. Balun upper and lower terminal voltages are in a 31 ratio and the sum of voltages equals balun source voltage. This impedance suits best to most tranceivers.

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