2.4 Ghz Microstrip Antenna Design

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The resonant frequency for all simulated microstrip antenna was 24 GHz.

2.4 ghz microstrip antenna design. In this work a flexible microstrip patch antenna has been designed to be working at 24 GHz using rubber as the substrate material with permittivity of 30 and loss tangent of 002. The results obtain that microstrip patch antenna can be used as client antenna in computer and workable antenna for wireless fidelity. Design of compact microstrip patch antenna for WBAN applications at ISM 24 GHz Shahid M Ali 1511 improve the antenna performances in radiation characteristics and to miniaturize the patch the current path.

A 24 GHz Microstrip Patch Antenna is designed for Wifi communication using CST Microwave studio. Abu A single layer multi-resonant 14 series fed high gain microstrip patch array antenna for L-Band and C-Band applications. Microstrip patch antenna are found and noted in this paper.

Desired patch antenna design is simulated by CST. Abstract A small Microstrip patch antenna is introduced the antenna is designed to function in 24 GHz wireless radio band it achieves return loss -38 dB by the using fr4 substrate under the patch the antenna has many practical applications like in WLAN WIFI etc as illustrated in detail herein the patch design. It has a ground plane on one side of the substrate.

Microstrip patch antenna has a simple design. Note that your substrate does not have a ground plane but simply two layers. This paper presents a design of rectangular microstrip antenna patch applied a WBAN Wireless Body Area Network.

The test using module Xbee PRO S2C and Xbee S2C. The desire for a low profile and conformity to planar and non-planar surfaces has made it versatile in communication application. It has three slots.

Design of 092 GHZ Artificial Magnetic Conductor for Metal Object Detection in Rfid Tag Application With Little Sensitivity to Incidence of Angle By M. A circular microstrip antenna on RT Duroid 5880 had the highest efficiency of 97012 and front to back ratio of 7774. 21 Resonant frequency Resonant frequency determines the dimension of the microstrip antenna.

Patch antennas are an increasingly important element of wireless product design. The same MSA also had the highest realized gain hence it was considered for fabrication. In this project I have designed and simulated microstrip patch antenna working in 24 GHz.

In this article the author describes the design procedures and performance properties of a patch antenna for the 24 GHz ISM band where extensive work is being done in wireless networking. This rectangular microstrip patch antenna is designed for wireless communication application that works at 24 GHz with gain 11 d B for outdoor place. This model was implemented using.

The designed antenna can be used for ISM industrial scientific and medical band and UWB applications. The antenna is designed on FR-4 substrate with a thickness of 16 mm and dielectric constant εr44. Fall 2-4-2013 Design of a 24 GHz Horizontally Polarized Microstrip Patch Antenna using Rectangular and Circular Directors and Reflectors Yosef Yilak Woldeamanuel Follow this and additional works athttpsscholarworksuttylereduee_grad Part of theElectrical and Computer Engineering Commons.

Design of Rectangular Microstrip Patch Antennas for the 24 GHz Band. Two on the patch and one on the ground plane. The design of the antenna was performed using the cavity model.

Resonance frequency is 24 GHz. The antenna is designed over the operating frequency is 24 GHz using the substrate material as FR-4 which has the dielectric constant of 43. By using Microwave office 2006 software AWR for design simulation to get the best parametric design and compared with a slotted version of the antenna having a slotting shape of letter P.

It also has a wide angle of beam in its. It also has a wide angle of beam in its radiation pattern. In the next video I will show how I have calculated design param.

Fabricated microstrip array antenna was designed to operate at 24 GHz frequency with return loss -1941 dB VSWR 1235 impedance 5477 ohms. In this study a rectangular microstrip patch antenna operating at 24 GHz resonance frequency is constructed. In this paper a square Microstrip Patch Antenna has been designed at 24 GHz frequency.

The triangle patch microstrip antenna is design to operate for 24 GHz. The newly designed microstrips provide an optimized patch area resulting into a substantial reduction in size compared. We considered the frequency of 24 GHz for wide.

Kapton Polymide is used as a substrate with a substrate height of 100 mm. Wireless communication application that works at 24 GHz with gain 11 dB for outdoor place. Abstract-A novel design of compact 24 GHz microstrip antennas where the radiating patch is designed in fractal configuration namely square and pentagon shape respectively is proposed.

The design is fabricated on the dielectric substrate FR4 which has the dielectric permittivity constant of the substrate er 44 and thickness of the substrate h 16 mm. That is the two microstrip antennas are suitable for use at 24 GHz frequency and in accordance with the expected specifications. The simulation results of the 2×1 rectangular microstrip antenna array showed a return loss of -725 dB at 24 GHz gain of 924 dB VSWR of 254 and that of 4×1 rectangular microstrip antenna array produced a return loss of -825 dB at 24 GHz gain of 1029 dB and VSWR of 226 respectively.

The substrate can be. HM remote control system. Keywords- Microstrip Antenna Wireless Fidelity Frequency.

In this research the rectangular Microstrip patch antenna was designed at a frequency between 18GHz and 30GHz. 24 GHz Omnidirectional Antenna Design with Microstrip Technologies for GSM to Internet Protocol Repeater Victor Parulian Syauta1 Nur Sultan Salahuddin2 1Faculty of Electro and Telecommunication Gunadarma University Depok West-Java Indonesia-16424.

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