23cm Yagi Antenna Design

This page describes the antenna I realised toghether with some friends for ATV transmission in the 23cm band. Used for a 23 cm DL6WU Yagi built on a boom made from 12 inch outside diameter OD aluminum tubing with 0058 inch thick walls.

23 Cm Antennas 1240 1310 Mhz Wide Selection Of Antennas

The dimensions of the antenna have been computed using a software based on the DL6WU design.

23cm yagi antenna design. 24 GHz Antenna 13cm 20el Yagi 13cm Bi-Quad Antenna 13cm Gridpack Antenna 23 and 13cm Log Period Antenna 23 on 23 23cm 12el Yagi 23cm Antenna Tripod Mount 23cm Bi-Quad Antenna Amateur Radio SOTA SOTA 13cm SOTA 13cm Summit to Summit SOTA 23cm SOTA 23cm Summit to Summit SOTA Microwave Award Summits on the Air Transverter Tripod. Anyway DXers want to know everything intimately. This link is listed in our web site directory since Monday Dec 20 2021 and till today Yagi antenna for 23 cm has been followed for a total of 79 times.

For me one of the interesting things about this band is the variety of weird and wonderful designs which can work on this band compared to the ubiquitous yagi. 35 Element Yagi Antenna for 23cm – Antennas for the 1296 MHz based on the construction plans of some Yagis 35 elements by DL6WU F9FT DJ9YW. The antenna is a mere 15 m long and has 16 dBD gain.

To construct a yagi for 23cm on a 15mm boom with 4mm diameter elements and non insulated element mount you need a robust and dimension tolerant basic design. SPECIAL ORDER items require a 50 deposit. Yagi design frequency 129600 MHz Wavelength 231 mm Parasitic elements contacting a square section metal boom 1500 mm across.

Broad bandwith makes this antenna the optimal choice for ATV television. Welcome to the SHF YAGI-BEAM-ANTENNAS page. Yagi_uda_antenna_DL6WUphp 14898 Bytes 24-07-2014 075547 Yagi Uda Antenna Calculator.

At the beginning there was the idea to enlarge the active surface of my 1296 MHz antenna. If you cancel the order within seven 7 days you will receive a full refund. 1270Mhz Yagi Antenna.

The mechanical data is almost identical to the other SHF-antennas. Yagi Uda Antenna Designer NBS Tech. Usage of horn antenna made of mesh wire.

43 Elements Yagi Antenna for 23cm band – An interesting presetnation full of usefull tricks to correctly design and build 23. The design of the antenna is very straight forward. I also used the calculator to design several other antennas for 70 33 and 23 cm.

Here youll find links for high gain antennas covering vhf-uhf. Antennas will accept up to 2 mast. Not possible with amateurish programs like.

Best of the best Yagi antennas. Note 688 Yagi Uda Antenna Designer RothammelDL6WU Filter Designer Audio AF Lowpass Filters. 23cm 1270 1300 MHz Click on any bold model number below to view or download a PDF manual.

To help protect the PCB and stripline elements I applied a light coating of PCB lacquer to both sides of each antenna. Figure 2B shows the radiation pattern for a 24 element 1296 MHz design. To place an order please go to the Home tab.

23cm 3el PCB Yagi Antenna. Elements have a thickness. This was the design criteria used for this antenna per a cut-and-paste from the software.

It is 23m long the picture shows this EME-antenna in its operating position. Many 23cm yagis from well known manufacturers are on the market. My working copy of the printout – which ended up with ticks against element lengths covered with dirty marks.

On March 19th 2000 he worked on 23cm 10 CW stations random within 3 hours transmitting with this small. Due to a large number of reflectors front to back ratio is excellent. These antennas features a boom of about 3 m and gives a gain of about 178 dBd.

Based on Rothammel DL6WU. Strength light weight and low wind-load are qualities required in a Yagi by the modern ham in addition low noise Quite symmetrical X-polcrossed Yagis that work well on both VHFUHF. A 23 elements 23cm yagi antenna by PA4DAN I have been looking around for antennas for a while for 23cm ATV reception.

A very promissing yagi 70 elements antenna new design is now on the market Claims 232 dBi gain 6 meters long Take a look at this website for more details. In addition specific models mentioned in the Antennas forum Like High antennas maximum db gain multi-element quality yagi and more are here for future reference. Extreme Gain Low Noise design.

The bigger the antenna the better your rotor system should be first of all to withstand the forces on it during a storm. Its a boom made of aluminium with the elements floating above it on plastic isolators. Design Build 23 cm Yagi Using Simple Tools WA5TKU Wes Atchison WWWNTMSORG 1.

Ultimate design with with latest professional full-3D electromagnetic modelling software. Many clever antenna designers have worked on designs for 1296MHz. WA5TKU Antenna NTMS Microwave Society Built DL6WU 1982 Article Based Antenna in.

Frequency range versions 1290 1310 MHz standard 1290 1310 MHz 1290 1320 MHz 1240 1320 MHz. After build-ing them I tested them on an antenna range. The average gain is about 12 dbd.

Element lengths are very critical on 23cm and shortening factor is 67 of the boom diameter ie 10mm for a 15mm boom. I later checked the antennas VSWR which remained at 101. HFSS allows for extremely accurate simulation of the complete antenna including booms insulators coax cable and so on this removes a lot of manual.

W5HN North Texas DL6WU Yagi Design NTMS Microwave. Feedpoint indoors and the cone looking outside through the shack window. The electrical characteristics are absolutely identical with the SHF long yagis except for the 3-dB beamwidth and the gain.

The author who works successfully via EME on this band wants to describe his own yagi design and give some of hints for the construction. The main category is Antennas for 23cm band that is about Antenna projects for 23 cm band 1200 MHz. Build your own antenna for the 23cm band 1250Mhz – 1280Mc using some aluminium and the following simple design.

Amateur radio Antenna sold here we update our stocks to keep in touch with modern. It consists of a simple 10 elements Yagi completely built in copper and with the element soldered directly to the central boom. The SHF 2328 model is the ideal start-up model for 13 GHz.

The only responsibilty I can claim for the designs that follow is for finding them on the web. EME possible with just single 23 cm antenna. Horn at picture was built by OE5JFL.


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