160m Inverted L Antenna Design

To give ourselves a better grasp on inverted Ls we will compare an L over an FCP with a better understood vertical over an FCP. Addition of two.

A Short Dipole Wire Antenna For 40 Meters Band It Is A Folded Dipole That Do Not Make Use Of Coils And Can Be Us Dipole Antenna Ham Radio Antenna Radio Antenna

A 130 foot length of 12 gauge PVC covered stranded wire slopes up from the ground system to the 40 foot level of the 45 foot tall fiberglass flagpole about 60 feet of wire length and then proceeds about 70 feet toward the far back edge of my property.

160m inverted l antenna design. The original goal was to throw up a wire that would do 160 meters and with the use of a tuner be able to make contacts on other bands. I wanted to test a temporary portable setup to participate in 80 160m contests. Inverted-L for 80m 160m.

160m inverted L Antenna. This is the first of three DIY articles on building a 160 meter 38th wave inverted L antenna. A saga of switching from raised radials to a version of the K2AV FCP for a 160m inverted-L.

How to build an Inverted L for the low-bands 40m 80m and 160m An inverted L is just like a vertical apart from the fact that instead of going straight up like a tuned quarter-wave it turns 90 degrees somewhere. 160m Inverted-L RESULTS October 2012 This shows the SWR curve at the feedpoint of the antenna. There are a lot of 160 designs out there on the internet with quite a few adding coils etc to match shorten verticals or top loading with various configurations.

Following on from an article in Practical Wireless Feb 2004 by GM0ONX which showed how to build an 8040 trapped inverted L antenna I modified the design to cover 1608040. With its long leg going up vertically then away horizontally – and with its short leg lying. Nevertheless even on this band the SLOPING INVERTED L antenna will get you on the air.

Check out the original on his forum. Inside the Shack RESULTS October 2012 This shows what the SWR looks like to the transmitter at the end of 100m or AIRCELL-7 coax plus about 20m of LMR-240 feeding from the remote antenna switch into. 160m Inverted L Antenna.

Discussion in Antennas Feedlines Towers Rotors started by KC1HWT Dec 30 2021. The vertical section can be 65ft and the horizontal section can be from 60 to 110ft. This will expose differences advantages and disadvantages.

Catch the first here. 160 METERS On 160M our antenna is a quarterwave fed against poor earth which in turn raises the feedpoint impedance somewhat. Glenn had recently installed a 160M inverted L at his QTH in Ocean Springs and it was performing quite well.

The antenna is inspired on the Battlecreek Special design but then limited to 80 and 160m no 40m sectionIt is a further development of the 80m full size GPA described on another page of my site allowing dual band operation. 160 Meter Inverted L Antenna Updated 12302020 I have a need to get on 160m occasionally for a contest but have limited space. An inverted L antenna makes an excellent 160 meter antenna for radio amateurs short on space.

It could also be viewed as a 160m off-center fed dipole antenna. It is sort of an inverted L. The whole idea of operating on 160m started as curiosity.

The key to an efficient 160 meter vertical antenna is an extensive ground radial system. The maximum combined length can be 175ft. Its vertical portion is bent to form an inverted L a vertical portion followed up there by a horizontal portion.

I had listened some but never keyed the transmitter other than to experiment with arcing capacitors and high levels of SWR. Following the success of my centre-loaded vertical designs Ive been trying to improve their efficiency by raising the height of the loading coil thus extending the radiating vertical section The loading coil now sits right at the top of the mast and the resonating wire is suspended from here and anchored by a long nylon. On January 16 2018.

As above the traditional 14 design is a winner. Rolf LA1IC Submitted by Rolf Brevig LA1IC. Id like to construct a 160m to 10m inverted L antenna.

Good Vertical Antennas A straight quarter-wave Best λ4 125 ft at 1830 kHz with THHN Inverted L Good Go straight up as high as you can with a wire then bend the remaining wire to run horizontal to resonate it Tee vertical A bit better than L Like an inverted L but the top is extended in opposite directions. My feeling is that the coil losses and tricky matching problems with top loaded wire antennas make the inverted L the way to go for simplicity of construction and. Article One The plan.

Tuning the antenna over the band. Coaxial Inverted L for 160 Meters By John N9LYE Few amateurs have room for full sized vertical antennas on 160 meters. Even the use of L networks to match the 30ish ohms to 50 ohms.

Our comparison L is an FCP at ten feet 3m with the vertical length a very average 55 feet 17m over the FCP setting the Ls bend at 65 feet 20m. Lets look at a very simple solution that I think is the most useful and most elegant solution to use. 160m and 60m Inverted L project.

Listed under the Antennas160M category that is about Antenna for 160 meters band. Before 2005 I had never operated on 160m. The ability to build your own gear and get it working is not only a rewarding skill but both economical and can never be taken away.

I tried a dipole but it was just too much trouble. 160m 18MHz quarter wave backyard suburban wire antenna. A true inverted L is a 516 vertical antenna worked against ground.

Suburban antenna for 160m. Another antenna added from the antenna plan is a 160 meter ¼ wavelength inverted L. For many years I used a simple wire inverted L and a tuner to get on Top Band just like many others before me.

A top-loaded inverted-L antenna by Ross Wilkinson G6GVI. With winter approaching it is time to make improvements to my antenna setup for 160m. Trapped Inverted L Antenna for 1608040 Heres a simple antenna which will get you on the air on top band and 80m 40m as well at a pinch in a small garden.

In fact K2FFW5UE and our partner in crime John W4II now K0XX had combined for a 2 finish worldwide in. This antenna looks like an inverted l antenna yet it is not it could also be viewed as a 160m off center fed dipole antenna it looks more like an end fed 1 4 wave 160 meter antenna. The current Inverted V with its high angle of radiation works very well within the Midwest and serves me well for evening rag chew sessions with the surrounding states.

In December 2016 K2FF and I decided it was time to add a decent Top Band antenna to the NA5NN contest station. Operating in last years 160m phone contest I experienced. In an instant that all changed.

First lets look at my ¼ WL 160m vertical. There are some things you can do to optimize your installation. 160M Inverted L.

In this video Steve Ellington modifies a design by K2AV and erects a 160 meter antenna in his back yard. It is possible to put up a quarter wave wire antenna for the 160m Ham band in a suburban backyard. By ncscout In communications.

PDF-Dokument 2190 KB. My current G5RV antenna runs eastwest so the lobes naturally extend southnorth. This is the second installment of JohnnyMacs Inverted L antenna project for 160m.

If you do like to futz it turns out that around a minimum of 90 ft is all thats required with a base loading coil to allow full-band operation. If you have a suitably located tree or two andor a flagpole or like then go for it. Even fewer have room for a dipole up at least half a wavelength above ground.

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