1296 Mhz Yagi Design

The DL6WU design has all the necessary features to guarantee a successful construction. To place an order please go to the Home tab.

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A Homebrew Yagi for 1296 MHz DX by Heinrich F.

1296 mhz yagi design. Only 10 Watt output and then a few dB cable loss to your antenna is just. Figure 2B shows the radiation pattern for a 24 element 1296 MHz design. Anyway DXers want to know everything intimately.

Elements are welding or brazing wire. These antennas features a boom of about 3 m and gives a gain of about 178 dBd. By moving DI as close as possible to the driven element I lowered the SWR to about 17.

When Murphys Law bites and it will simplicity in design and construction is the key to a quick recovery. Building a WA5VJB Cheap Yagi 1296 MHz edition The WA5VJB Cheap Yagi is a simple and elegant design. 118 is the best for 1296 MHz the return attenuation is better then – 26dB.

Element length and spacing dimensions in inches for a 10-element 1296-MHz Cheap Yagi. Initial tests showed an SWR around 31. A good design tool for this is the Yagi Calculator written by VK5DJ1 Figure 2A shows a printout I used for a 23 cm DL6WU Yagi built on a boom made from 12 inch outside diameter OD aluminum tubing with 0058 inch thick walls.

This antenna is ideal for rovers and is good for a fixed station on a budget. The 1296 MHz Quad-Yagi Quagi uses a quad driven element and a quad reflector. More popular is to use a transverter from 144 MHz or 28 MHz to 23 cm.

Simple homebrew 14 wave ground plane. Optional use of semi-rigid coax. GTV 23-25m 3D pattern plot at 12962 MHz.

Listed under the Antennas23cm category that is about Antennas for 23cm band. The 1296 MHz Quad-Yagi Quagi uses a quad driven element and a quad reflector. Design date of issue.

To a 135mm diameter Boom with 36mm thick elements for an equilvent 144 MHz yagi. By virtue of its logarithmic element profile its. Shack available in Cuba.

It can be built for around 15-20 1999 dollars. Antennas will accept up to 2 mast. Driven element dimensions for 1296-MHz versions of the Cheap Yagi.

I also used the calculator to design. 1 Wavelength at 1296 MHz. Construction of the antenna is quite simple with a non-conducting boom and through-the-boom construction.

Design date of issue. 43 Elements Yagi Antenna for 23cm band – An interesting presetnation full of usefull tricks to correctly design and build 23. 23cm 1270 1300 MHz Click on any bold model number below to view or download a PDF manual.

Apparently the designs work very well. From N connector is managed about 29mm long coaxial line with impedance 50 Ω. The largest ever made commercial 1296 MHz 23 cm Yagi EME antenna 70 elements PA1296-70-6AUT 70 Elements on the 6 meter long boom.

If you cancel the order within seven 7 days you will receive a full refund. Not quite the right way to do it. Dimensions of 1296 MHz Quagi antennas.

SPECIAL ORDER items require a 50 deposit. At 1296 MHz even small variations in the dimensions can have a dramatic effect on the antennas performance. Tonna couldnt or didnt tackle this problem this is why there 23cm yagi elements are mounted on silly bits of plastic.

850 MHz to 6 GHz Log Periodic PCB antenna by WA5VJB. This brings 04 Watt output more than enough to drive an RA18H1213G module good for about 20 Watt. Reflector is 1 wavelength 5 The driven element is direct fed with 52 ohm coax.

In the original design the reflector loop was overlapped by 18 inch and soldered together after being fitted through holes drilled in a plexiglas. This was the design criteria used for this antenna per a cut-and-paste from the software. Impedance matching is fixed in the design through a j-pole driven element.

Balun is made of UT-141 or similar semi-rigid teflon cable. Using the latest antenna design software he has developed several variations for 144 thru 1296 MHz. This is the scaled version of the 70 cm band GTV 70-25m.

PA1296-70-6RG The biggest ever made commercial 1296 MHz – 23cm Yagi EME antenna 70 elements The largest ever made 1296 MHz Yagi antenna. Yagi design frequency 129600 MHz Wavelength 231 mm Parasitic elements contacting a square section metal boom 1500 mm across. Wideband operation 1280 – 1320 MHz.

Wide-band operation 1290 1310 MHz. I did not use a 11 balun. Balun made of RG-316 teflon cable.

Reflector is 1 wavelength 5 The driven element is direct fed with 52 ohm coax. By moving DI as close as possible to the driven element I lowered the SWR to about 17. Originally Published in the Central States VHF Society Conference Proceedings 1994.

A long 23 cm Yagi that provides a very clean pattern and almost 19 dBi of gain. 1296 MHz 37 element Yagi1296 MHz 36 el. 50 mm RG402 extension to prevent capacitive reactance between the PCB antenna and the transverter metal case.

1296 MHz 36 element Super Yagi antenna 1280 – 1310 MHz. Excellent GT FB and mechanical properties. One of them was derived from a sample design for 1296 MHz so if you wanted a 144 MHz yagi the program generated the 1296 design then scaled all of the dimensions by a factor of 9.

The author who works successfully via EME on this band wants to describe his own yagi design and give some of hints for the construction. I have decided to build two 23 cm 1296 MHz 12 element Yagi antennas DL6WU format one with handle space behind the reflector and the second to mount on a. Initial tests showed an SWR around 31.

I did not use a 11 balun. Reckemeyer DJ9YW – DJ9YWt-onlinede Many 23cm yagis from well known manufacturers are on the market. My working copy of the printout – which ended up with ticks against element lengths covered with dirty marks.

Notes concerning the 1296 MHz antenna design. 23cm 14 wave ground plane. GTV23-25m by ZS6JON under trimming and testing for best Return Loss click to image to enlarge.

MHz on 1mm of diameter. 135 dBi gain greater than 30 dB front-to-back ratio. I am using a DB6NT 23 cm Kit working fine for many years now.

Antenna was designed by Kent Britian WA5VJB and full credit and blame belongs to him on this design. Dubus Magazine 22021 front page Building of a 23 cm Yagi with elements insulated through the boom making use of SM5BSZs BCexe on 1296 MHz with a tested offset factor as in full described in Applied Conversation of Segmented Wires from NEC2 to 1296 MHz Yagi Elements Dubus 22021. 35 Element Yagi Antenna for 23cm – Antennas for the 1296 MHz based on the construction plans of some Yagis 35 elements by DL6WU F9FT DJ9YW.

HB9CV PCB antenna. 1 Wavelength at 1296 MHz. Kent accepted this as a challenge to design a really good antenna that could be built with little more than ground wire coax and a wooden boom.

23cm 1296 mhz field day yagi construction a 26 element conventional style design article with several pictures and detailed homebrewing instructions. No guarantees that they would produce numbers correct for any frequency or boom length. VSWR is 11 on 1296 MHz and 2403 GHz.

The distance of antenna radiators wire from reflector is cca 33-34mm.

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